Urive Single+ HD Camera

Leverage the power of Korean technology with the Urive Single+ HD camera for peace of mind while driving on Singapore roads. Suitable for both heavy vehicles and private cars, the Urive Single+ HD is your dash camera of choice.

Urive is one of the top brands of drive recorders in Korea, achieving brand recognition with its competitive and reliable products and good customer service. Elecom is proud to introduce the Urive Single+ HD camera to Singapore.

Ultra High Definition

Urive Single+ HD supports ultra-high definition video, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. With vivid colours and sharp images, you’ll never find your recordings lacking details again.

Optimal 110° Viewing Angle

The Urive Single+ HD camera lenses have been optimised to record without distortion at a 110° angle. This captures the necessary details of important occurrences such as accidents.

24-Hour Recording

Ensure that your vehicle is kept safe with a camera in operation round-the-clock, even when your engine is off.

Auto Brightness Adjustment

Never worry about the brightness of your recording as the smart software in the Urive Single+ HD automatically adjusts it for the best resolution.

GPS-Enabled Driving Information

As the Urive Single+ HD comes with a GPS antenna, you are able to connect to Google Maps and view information such as distance & hours travelled, parked period, average speed and more.

High-Speed Booting

The Urive Single+ HD can begin recording as soon as 5 seconds after power is switched on.

Urive Single HD PC Viewer

Use the dedicated software to get convenient firmware upgrades. Simply select the upgrade using the viewer and do away with the need to download update files from the Urive website.

Urive Single+ HD (Day time)

Urive Single+ HD (Night time)