Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine the Possibilities

what if

  • You could track every single activity your drivers do with your vehicles.

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  • You received alerts in real time for flagged events.

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  • You could geofence your vehicles.

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  • You could track each vehicle's engine hours.

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  • You knew when each vehicle has idling engines, harsh acceleration, heavy braking and sharp turns.

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  • You knew who was driving which vehicle at any time.

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  • You could find out the location of every vehicle in your fleet at any time.

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Introducing Elecom’s
Fleet Management System


We know the challenges of managing a fleet of heavy vehicles. The solution?

Introducing Elecom’s GPS-enabled fleet management system, powered by cutting-edge technology

Our product is an advanced cloud-based system that is suitable for all classes of vehicles. It empowers you with a wealth of information at your fingertips – anywhere, any time and from any smart device. Best of all, it solves your heavy vehicle fleet management issues.

With information gained from our solution, you can take the appropriate actions to reduce man hours and manpower needed for current operations. The result? A dramatic increase in productivity of your fleet.

Elecom’s solution is suitable for vehicles such as:

  • Tipper trucks
  • Rubbish/garbage trucks
  • Truck mounted cranes
  • Excavators
  • Freezer trucks
  • Steel transporters
  • Prime movers
  • Forklifts
  • Ambulances
  • Small vans
  • Personal vehicles
  • and more…

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How Our Solution Works

Our team of experienced technicians will install the Black Box onto each vehicle. After installation, all you have to do is log in to your account via our website or mobile app and you will be able to manage your entire fleet. From driver management to vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), you will be able to increase your fleet productivity by using the following features:


Other Products

In addition to the Elecom’s GPS-
enabled fleet management system,
we also offer various solutions tackling
the visibility challenges of operating all
classes of vehicles on the roads.

  • Urive Single+ HD Camera

    • Ultra-HD
    • Auto brightness adjustment
    • 110° optimal viewing angle
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  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with a 4-Way Intelligent Surveillance System

    • Cloud-enabled live feed
    • Day & night vision
    • 1TB of video records
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