Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with a 4-Way Intelligent Surveillance System

Heavy vehicles are necessary for various industries, but the associated monetary and opportunity costs can be high, severely impacting productivity. Make your fleet safer, more efficient and save money with Elecom’s DVR with a 4 Way Intelligent Surveillance System.


Elecom’s DVR System can effectively prevent problems by empowering drivers with increased situational awareness, leading to an overall increase in productivity and reduction in costs.

Loss of lives for pedestrians and drivers
Injury and disability, possibly permanent
Road Closures
Damage to vehicles for both parties, but most severe for
Drivers of smaller vehicles
Insurance premiums go up for all parties involved
Heavy vehicle drivers’ livelihoods at risk
How does the DVR with a 4-Way Intelligent Surveillance System work?


Our experienced technicians will install the following on your fleet of vehicles:

  • On board computer
  • 4 way cameras
  • LCD screen


Drivers will now be able to see not just what is ahead of him, but also what is on his left and right. He can observe vehicles coming up on either side, which enables him to take appropriate action to give way. Immediately, drivers benefit from greater visibility.


Each business will gain access to a cloud-enabled live-feed of each driver’s view, and this will be recorded in the black box. With 1 terrabyte of space, it is sufficient for one month of recording.


With this information in hand, you can take the necessary action to review and correct any undesirable driving behaviour, bringing your drivers’ skills up to a level they are capable of.


As the cameras are capable of both day and night recordings, you can get evidence of any vandalism or theft that happens while your vehicles are parked.


For Businesses
  • Drivers get into less accidents due to increased situational awareness
  • Businesses immediately save massive costs: Medical fees, insurance, repairs, compensation, replacement of vehicles and more
  • Companies are able to review driver’s driving and coach him on safer, better and more economical driving techniques
  • This leads to lower fuel costs, reduced wear and tear on vehicle parts
  • Hard evidence if theft/vandalism occurs to reduce investigation time and costs
  • Safer driving improves business’ image with the public
For the Government & Singapore
  • Effective preventative measure to reduce the number of both fatal and non-fatal accidents on Singapore’s roads, leading to increased road safety
  • Fewer road closures and repairs due to reduced number of accidents, lowering incurred costs
  • Evidence immediately available to the Traffic Police, criminal divisions of the Singapore Police Force, LTA and any relevant parties due to presence of video recordings in cases such as:
    • Theft/vandalism in heavy vehicle carparks
    • Road accidents
    • Site accidents on dumping grounds managed by Surbana (HDB), JTC and LTA
  • Drastically reduce investigation time and costs for stat boards, Traffic Police, criminal divisions of the SPF and other relevant parties (e.g. once the video recording of the accident is in hand, there is no need for witness appeal signboards and miscellaneous costs)
  • Should a terrorist attack happen, these recordings can provide crucial evidence for homeland security