GPS Enabled Fleet Management System

Introducing Elecom’s Fleet Management System

We know the challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles, and we have the solution. Elecom’s GPS-enabled fleet management system, powered by cutting-edge technology, is an advanced cloud-based system that is suitable for all classes of vehicles. It empowers you with a wealth of information at your fingertips – anywhere, any time and from any smart device. Best of all, it solves your heavy vehicle fleet management issues. Gain real-time information from our solution and take the appropriate actions to dramatically increase the productivity of your fleet.

Tipper trucks
Prime movers
Rubbish/garbage trucks
Truck mounted cranes
Small vans
Personal vehicles
Freezer trucks
Steel transporters
And more

How Our Solution Works

Our team of experienced technicians will install the Black Box onto each vehicle. After installation, all you have to do is log in to your account via our website or mobile apps and you will be able to manage your entire fleet. From driver management to vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), you will be able to increase your fleet productivity by using the following features:

Real-Time Information

Real-time information is available 24/7. You can gain valuable data such as:

  • Driver identity
  • Individual vehicle
  • Location
  • Route
  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Engine on/off time
  • Engine idling time
  • Hard acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Sharp left/right
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel levels
  • And more

Driver Identification

Each driver is provided with their own individual RFID tag, which they will have to tap before they start the vehicle. This tags each driver to the vehicle and all the trips that they make, replacing the need for a separate clock-in/out system. You also receive concrete evidence and irrefutable records of driver behaviour.


Geofencing means to draw a virtual boundary around a physical area. Our system is able to customise and generate geofences around your chosen areas, and even geofence smaller areas within the site for more detailed tracking. When a tracked vehicle enters or exits the geofenced area, you can choose to receive live alerts. The operators of the geofenced area will be able to authorise the entry or exit using our system.

Currently, this feature is being used at the Aviation Park Staging Ground (APSG), Tanah Merah Staging Ground (TMSG), Marina East Staging Ground (MESG), Changi East Staging Ground (CESG) and Tuas South Staging Ground (TSSG).

Live Alerts

You can customise the system to provide live alerts via the live-feed display, emails or even SMSes for events such as:

  • Engine turning on without the driver tapping their
    RFID tag
  • Vehicle speeding
  • Engine idling for longer than a predetermined
    period, which lead to loss of fuel
  • Entering and exiting a geo-fenced area
  • Accidents
  • And more

Reports Generation

Our fleet management system can automatically generate reports with your chosen parameters, whether you want weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports. View graphs that illustrate fuel usage, driving statistics and more.

Customised Features

In addition to what is listed above, our fleet management system has a host of other features to enable it to be customised to your exact specifications. Simply contact us at +65 6553 5030 or and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with creating a highly-customised solution to suit your needs.


Optimise your fleet’s operation with Elecom’s GPS enabled fleet management system. In today’s digital world, you need digital solutions to get ahead. Take advantage of our high-tech solution to take your fleet’s data into your own hands:

Reduce manpower and
man hours needed for
current operations
Dramatically improve
Minimize wastage
Lower operational costs
Decrease instances of
Optimise vehicle

Knowledge is power. You will hold answers to the big questions: when, where and what your fleet is doing at any time. With
our solution, you can transform this information into immediate actions that empower your company.